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Hi! I am Lisa Johnston, and I am a labor doula in the East Houston area.

I’ve been married to my husband since 2001, and we have four children. Although we’ve lived all over the Houston and Central Texas areas, we have found Mont Belvieu, Texas to be our home. Although we’re a little different than most people on this side of Houston, we are very much into natural and attachment parenting.

Our first two children were hospital inductions with an OB, and although they were pretty uneventful pregnancies, labor, and deliveries, I knew that there was more to giving birth than having my mother tell me when my next contraction was coming.  Our last two boys were born at a birthing center in Pearland, Texas, 5 years apart, on the same bed and in the same room!

With the birth of my daughter, there was no lactation consultant at the hospital, so with no help, I had no idea how to breastfeed her. Looking back, I very much regret not taking the time to educate myself during the pregnancy about my options as a new mom.

With the birth of our first son, although there was a lactation consultant on staff, I was informed by everyone on staff at the hospital, that because he was severely jaundice, I was to supplement, because “he wasn’t getting enough colostrum” to stay hydrated because my milk had not come in. In hindsight, again, I know that this is a common misconception among many hospital staff members across the nation.

After the birth of our first two children, my husband and I decided that we were going to start taking the more natural and attachment parenting route. We began cloth diapering our son (even though our first was cloth diapered starting at age 3) we delayed and select vaccinated, we became more informed on all aspects of parenting, and we decided that we were no longer going to let anyone else get in the way of how we were naturally intended to parent.

When we found out we were pregnant with our third child (second son), it was an easy decision! We were going to give birth naturally with a midwife. Skeptical about a home birth, my husband agreed to a birthing center birth. It wasn’t until about 31 or 32 weeks that someone introduced me to a doula in training, Heather Cabanas. I could not believe that having a doula at my son’s birth never crossed my mind!

You would have never guessed that my doula was in training. I felt like a queen during the entire labor and birth process, and I could not have pictured my birth going any better than it did. I firmly believe that having a doula by my side made a world of difference in the way I labored and gave birth to our son. I was confident, empowered, happy, fun-loving, not stressed, excited, certain, relieved, over joyed, calm, and on and on and on, mostly because I had a wonderful doula who helped me be strong and helped me enjoy my birthing experience! Not only was it a great overall experience, my children were able to be there, and with the help of my midwife and doula, my son latched on immediately, and he nursed like a champ.

After that, I decided that I had found my calling. It is a great feeling to help empower and support women through one of the most important and joyous rite of passages in their life.

After taking required Child Birth Education class with one of the best Doulas in the Houston area, Debbie Hull, who is now a very dear and cherished friend, I was so stoked about becoming a doula that I decided that I’d start offering my services while I was still in training!

In January of 2011, we found out we were pregnant with our fourth child, and my first call was to Debbie Hull.  I didn’t want to wait to call her, because she’s so busy, I didn’t want someone to book her first.  We become such good friends over the duration of my pregnancy that I thank God that he brought her into my life.

During my last pregnancy, I met, and fell in love, with more doula friends, and I was thankful to have a room full of doulas at Jett’s birth.  Doulas Debbie Hull, Lourdes Resendez, Tara Phears, and Rosemary Brown were there along with my awesome midwife/friend Melissa White, assistant Elissa Barfoot, my friend Mary (who had to leave early), and my 13 year old daugther, who was actually the official honorary midwife who caught Jett when he was born.

Read Jett’s Birth Story Here

Just as these women where there for me during the birth of my son, I am extremely honored to be able support mothers during this special time, and I feel that every mother, no matter her circumstance should have the gift of the presence of a doula for her pregnancy, labor, and postpartum adventures.

Birth Photos on this page by Rosemary Elizabeth Photography

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