Singing During Labor | How singing helps labor progress. #pregnancy #birth #doula

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It’s been said that singing during labor helps in several ways.

When you sing, your breathing is in tune with what oxygen your body needs to deliver the next few notes.  Knowing when to breath is just as important during labor to keep your body and your baby oxygenated for a more smooth labor.

While breathing correctly, singing a familiar song helps women in labor to relax better because their mind is on the song, and not what their body is going through.

Because she is more relaxed, a laboring mother’s cervix will open with more ease.

Here are my two favorite videos of a mothers singing while in labor.  The first one is not only beautiful, but empowering and awe inspiring. I love how she and her husband are harmonizing. It is so peaceful.

The next one, of course, is me.  This video isn’t one of my favorite because I’m being vein. It’s simply one of my favorites because it’s something I never dreamed I’d be doing during an un-medicated, natural childbirth. (I don’t have nearly the voice that Temple has!)

This video was taken about an hour and a half before the birth of my fourth child.

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